A Gaming Backend and Product Management Service



Drastically cut your time to market by using the full suite of backend / server features, product tools, and integrated 3rd party services Kumakore has to offer.

Free to Play

Ninety percent of apps hitting the marketplace are free to play. Kumakore has you covered with in-app purchase integration for Apple, Google, and more.

Go Social

Boost your game’s retention by integrating crucial backend driven social features – Facebook / Twitter login, push notifications, multiplayer support, and leaderboards.

iconFeatured Games

Puzzles and Robofrogs - Fat Rascal GamesPuzzles & Robofrog

Puzzles & Robofrog is a game about puzzles, quick thinking, dexterity, and a mad Dr. Frog who may or may not be developing a secret weapon: YOU. Now on iOS and Android.

bubble-palsBubble Pals

Play against your friends in this fun new take on bubble popping! Available on iOS and Android.

Flight TestFlight Test

Check out Flight Test, the latest game by Build and Run Game Studios. Flight Test is an addictive test of your skills powered by Kumakore and available on Windows Phone today!


“Creating a game that can be successful takes more than just inventing fun gameplay mechanics.  Social interaction, In App Purchases, multi-platform support and backend stability are all major factors into its sustainability and profit.  Kumakore has been a great partner on all those fronts by allowing us, the App developers, to focus 100% on the game development, and letting Kumakore build and maintain all the necessary server technology.  What sets Kumakore apart is that their services are completely tailored toward game development, which makes integrating their solutions into our game very straightforward.  We as game developers are much happier focusing on the “fun stuff” while letting Kumakore handle all the “necessary” stuff.”

Dave Calla, Oh So Shiny


“Kumakore’s deep knowledge of the business of games shines through in their product and their advice. We’ve evaluated numerous back-end solutions and I can confidently say that none have been as helpful in improving our games as Kumakore has.”

Rob Segal, Get Set Games


“Avacata has used many game platforms over the years. Few have been multi-platform and none have understood the needs of a modern game as much as Kumakore. Social connections, IAP, gifts, in-game currency…Kumakore lets us create more great games in less time!”

Mike McGary, VP, Avacata, Inc.




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